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Pioneering Novel
Genetic Medicines for Cardiomyopathies 


At Nuevocor, our mission is to revolutionize the treatment of untreatable cardiomyopathies by embracing an innovative mechanobiology-centered approach. These conditions represent a pressing medical challenge, striking individuals at a relatively young age and leads to heart failure. Presently, the only recourse for these patients is a costly and often elusive cardiac transplant.


With operations in both Singapore and the United States, Nuevocor focuses on developing innovative first-in-class mechanobiology-based genetic medicines for heart conditions known as genetic cardiomyopathies.

Nuevocor’s lead program NVC-001 is a genetic medicine to treat patients suffering from lamin dilated cardiomyopathy.

Leveraging our PrOSIA mechanobiology platform, we design genetic medicines to treat the underlying biomechanical root cause of disease. This pathway-centric approach enables us to go beyond traditional gene therapy, which treats single gene mutations. By treating pathways involved in the disease, each of our therapeutics can help a larger number of patients. We consider ourselves at the forefront of a new generation of genetic medicine companies pioneering such an innovative pathway-centric approach.


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